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Lake Superior – it’s in the blood.  Growing up in Duluth, there’s something about the lake that continues to draw one back.  It certainly did for me.  After years raising our family and pursuing IT careers in the Twin Cities my husband, Rich, and I built a home on the edge of Duluth.  We have both retired from corporate life and are now living near our favorite body of water, where we can easily pursue our outdoor passions.

Photo Jul 31, 11 17 01 AMI’m an avid runner and marathoner, and particularly enjoy the races where the whole family gets involved.  I love swimming, canoeing and kayaking (did I mention I like water?) and even just sitting on a warm dock at the cabin reading a good book.  Since retiring, I have taken up long distance cycling with my husband.  My first trip was guess where – around the western end of Lake Superior!  Winters find me snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, either enjoying the woods classic skiing or doing a hard workout skate-skiing.  I’ve added ski marathons in recent years – what a great time!

It’s not all about the outdoors.  We have a close-knit family, with three married children, and six grandchildren.  Fortunately, they too love Lake Superior.  I enjoy reading, sewing, needle crafts, baking and spending time over coffee (or wine!) with friends.  My husband and I also like to travel, particularly going abroad and nestling into the countryside to explore local areas in depth.

I enjoy sharing my passions on this blog.

Molly Hoeg

11 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi Molly,
    Loving your diary of your epic bike trip with Rich. Thank you for filling in the gaps in his narrative. 🙂 Like when the cast of 4 became 2 and what your typical day is like. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Mary Laskowski

  2. I found your blog, Molly !! Love reading it !! What great trips you have taken !! So enjoyed talking to you and your family !

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  4. Molly,

    I really enjoyed “Diner is Served” in the July/August 2019 issue of Adventure Cycling. Congratulations! I then called up your blog and browsed around briefly. It looks intriguing and I want to spend more time exploring it. I liked the simple and accessible design theme. I have my own much more modest travel blog site on WordPress, and I’ve been struggling lately with finding a new design theme, because mine recently experienced problems (I’ll spare you the details) that forced me to redesign. So I was wondering what blog service and design theme you use. I’ve been experimenting with designs lately, but I haven’t found one with all the features I want and that allows me to modify it as I’d like to.

    I’m not nearly the adventure cyclist you are, but I did do a month-long trip down the Pacific Coast several years ago, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

    Cycle–and write–on!


    • Hi David,
      Thank you for the kind words! It’s always exciting to me to have my stories published in Adventure Cyclist, and I’m so pleased you followed up on my blog. I use the online version of WordPress with the Twenty Eleven theme. I’ll follow up with an email to you, if you would like more details.

      Your Pacific Coast trip sounds wonderful! We sampled only the northern portion in Oregon, but it was so beautiful.

      Good luck with your blogging and cycling!

  5. Hi Molly- I was surprised and happy to see that a fellow Duluthian was the author of the article I was reading while hanging out on Park Point this morning! I just returned from a bike tour across Minnesota- a dream of my brother-in-laws. Your story of Gaspe Peninsula has me dreaming about the next tour! Cheers! Anne

    • Hi Anne,
      I love how the cycling community makes connections like this! Thanks for reaching out and congrats on your recent tour. I’m always dreaming about the next tour – in this case, Norway! Keep on cycling!

  6. Hi, Molly — It was good to meet you last night at Judy and Dick’s. I could tell you were an active person, but I’m blown away by your outdoor activities. I plod along on snowshoes most of the time. Your descriptions of Rich’s challenges are vivid and inspiring. I hope things continue to go well, and I hope you LOVE Costa Rica! La Vida Pura.The town on the coast that I visited was Nosara.

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