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Being published in a national print magazine was a great honor and accomplished one of my writing goals when my first story appeared in Adventure Cyclist.  It also felt like a great coup to break into this premier cycling magazine which touts itself as “America’s only magazine dedicated to bicycle travel.”  As a publication of the Adventure Cycling Association, I couldn’t imagine a better home for my writing.

Self-Sufficient(-ish) – April 2020 (pg 32)
After years of going it alone, can a couple adjust to the in-between style of self-guided touring?

Dîner is Served – August 2019
How big is a cyclist’s appetite? Molly Brewer Hoeg is the recipient (victim?) of some serious hospitality in New Brunswick that aims to find out.

The Purple Cow – July 2018
Day two of our very first cycling tour, I lost Rich when he stopped to admire a life size purple cow.  Initially distraught by the hold-up, the ensuing adventure taught me to savor the sights along the way.