Lake Superior Magazine

My all-time favorite publication is Lake Superior Magazine, for its focus on the “Big Lake” and the people, nature and events that surround it. I have spent a lot of quality dock time at the cabin sitting in the sun, soaking up its stories and dreaming.

So it was a great pleasure to have my first story published there. And sweeter yet to be asked to become a regular contributor. Below are the stories I have written to date, and the issue in which they appear. Those with links have been posted on the Lake Superior Magazine website and can be read there.

The Carpenter & the Architect – December/January 2023
The partnership that built a couple’s Salmonberry sanctuary.

Home Circle – February/March 2022
Building a yurt on the Lakeshore made this homeowner’s so heart happy that you might say it was cause for a ‘round’ of applause.

Moments of Zen – August/September 2021
The Japanese Zen Garden in Enger Park celebrates the 30-year Sister City connection between Duluth and Isumi-machi.

Inside & Out – February/March 2021
The author’s regular bicycle route lets her watch an incredible blooming of an historic stone house, intriguing her to discover what’s inside, too.

Revisiting the Past – December/January 2021
A journal account of the Lodge Logic story sparking memories in a reader who stayed and worked in Sullivan’s Lodge.  His return was heartfelt and rewarding.

Christmas Spirit Rides the Rails – December/January 2020 (cover story)
The CP Holiday Train marks a start to the holiday season across our Ontario shore … and jumpstarts the giving spirit.

A Recreational Phenom – April/May 2019
Hansi Johnson’s mission is to make you get out & enjoy

Hanging Out at Camp Cordwood – December/January 2019
An engaging visit to a Keweenaw home packed with wit & wonder.

Weddings: Going to the Chapel Museum – February/March 2018
You know your wedding will make history…especially if you chose a site in the Lake region that brings a historic or off-beat twist.

Out of the Ashes – December/January 2018
When their Minnesota North Shore home burned to the ground, the Luhrsens found many willing helpers to rebuild their dream home.

Delivering a Taste of Home – December/January 2018
Pasties, potica, Persians, Trenary Toast and Yooper Bars – all these regional items can be shipped for gifts or brought home for the holidays.

The Pros Reveal What Makes It Memorable – February/March 2017
A photographer, wedding planner, caterer and musician name one of their favorite Big Lake nuptials and why they stay in their memories.

Farewell Pine – October/November 2016
A journal story recounting personal experiences of Duluth’s huge wind storm, and the neighbors who are memorializing the towering pine that was toppled.

Lodge Logic – August/September 2016
A former lodge property becomes the perfect retirement home and family getaway for this Lake-loving couple in Minnesota.

One River, Two Islands – April/May 2016 & Recreation OneRiver Logo smallGuide
St. Louis River is becoming a recreational gem, but its history also flows deep. Meet two islands with different stories on the same river.
Part of the “One River, Many Stories” journalism project

A Cabin Story – February/March 2016
How an heirloom property has grown with its expanding family.

Steeped in Stories – December/January 2016
An author’s storybook Christmas décor reflects her Norwegian heritage.

Meeting the Lake Superior Challenge – August/September 2015
The Big Lake awes many people with its power and beauty, but it inspires a chosen few to use its waters to truly test their limits.

Dawn of a New Superior – June/July 2015  (cover story)LSM Cover June July 2015
This Wisconsin sister of the Twin Ports has a new vitality with new industry, new stores and new restaurants on the rise.

Returning to the Scene of the Chimes – February/March 2015
Some couples pick their wedding venue so they can visit every year, to get romantic boosts, recreational escapes or new family traditions.

Restaurants: Book Fare – December/January 2015
A trend, especially on the Minnesota shores, is for restaurants to create cookbooks that give recipes and serve up their neighborhoods.

They Like to Move It, Move It – October/November 2014
Want to show off your knowledge about the latest maritime activity and season around our Big Lake? This story will put you in the know.

Outside In – August/September 2014
A couple finds décor inspiration in the woods beside their Lutsen home.

Get Down, Duluth – June/July 2014  (cover story)LSM Cover June July 2014
Boutique stores, microbreweries, restaurants, movies, live entertainment and quality residences: Meet the new downtown Duluth.

Healing Waters – April/May 2014
There is a flood of ways that water – and Big Lake living – keeps us well.

New Beginnings in the Old Neighborhood – April/May 2014
A Duluth native returns to Park Point to create his dream home.

Tying the Knot on a Shoestring – February/March 2014
Finding Options to Limit Costs & Still Be Creative.

Building Hoeg H’Arbor – February/March 2014
Seeking a shoreside haven, this couple discovered the right property for their true dream home was actually nestled in the woods.
(Note – this is actually the story of building our house!)

Lessons in Prevention – October/November 2013
Local hospitals invest in education on how to avoid needing their services.

Minding the Beaches – August/September 2013
Most every shore of the Big Lake does beach monitoring to test the water, but what do the advisories really mean for swimmers?

Net House to Playhouse – June/July 2013
Finding a new life for an aging structure.

The Cost per Frontage Foot – April/May 2013
A review of waterfront prices around all four shores of the Big Lake.

Buffing up your Resolve – February/March 2013
If your will to keep that New Year’s fitness resolution is flagging, don’t despair. Many regional support options help you meet your goals.

Loving the Loppet – December/January 2013
A journal account of taking a train to a remote spot and skiing the Wabos Loppet through the wilderness of Ontario.