Cycling Trips

Since retiring, my husband Rich and I have taken up touring by bicycle.  We love spending week after week on our bikes, traveling the countryside at 12 miles per hour and taking in the local scenery and flavor.   I enjoy blogging along the way, attempting to capture a bit of the feeling of what it’s like to tour by bike, as well as the unique experiences of each trip.

Trans Superior Tour

Trans-Superior Cycling Tour
August 2012
9 days, 500 miles



Upper Mississippi River Tour

Upper Mississippi River Cycling Tour
May 2013
8 days, 465 miles



Grand Gaspe Tour

Grand Gaspé Cycling Tour
August/September 2013
54 days, 2354 miles



Glaciers to the Sea Cycling TourGlaciers to the Sea Cycling Tour
September 2014
31days, 1412 miles



Spring North TourSpring North Cycling Tour
April 2015
34 days, 1521 miles



fraser_mod_bigScotland Tartan Cycling Tour
May 2016
22 days, 830 miles



Liberation Tour LogoLiberation Cycling Tour
September/October 2016
33 days, 1418 miles


Yellowhead Tour Logo

Yellowhead Cycling Tour
July/August 2017
17 days, 620 miles


Two Timing Texas Tour
April 2018
25 days, 1006 miles



Arctic Islands Cycling Tour
August 2019
16 days, 494 miles



We were also featured in the Outdoors section of the Duluth News Tribune and other newspapers in the country, in a story by local columnist Sam Cook: “Retirees Rich and Molly Hoeg are exploring America — and soon beyond — on self-planned bicycle tours”

3 thoughts on “Cycling Trips

    • Sadly, no. With COVID, our food and lodging choices were limited so we refrained from touring. That fall my husband, Rich, had unexpected open heart surgery followed by a year of heart procedures and surgeries. Our touring options remain unknown, but our goal is to get back out there one day!

      • Thank you for the reply. So sorry to hear about Rich. We are sending ongoing healing thoughts his way! I have enjoyed reading the blog posts of your various trips. Thank you for the inspiration!

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