Arctic Islands Cycling Tour

norway-flag-round-largeThis cycling tour certainly breaks the mold for us.  Not only is Arctic Norway an exciting venue, but we have chosen a cushy way to travel.  I expect the trip to put more emphasis on the Tour than the Cycling.

Due to traveling in high season and the scarcity of accommodations, we decided to use Discover-Norway’s self-guided cycling tours.  That immediately eased the headache of booking lodgings, finding meals, planning our daily routes and even transporting our bags!  In addition, we chose to rent bikes from them.

Our itinerary is completely above the Arctic Circle.  Starting in Tromso, we venture out onto the coastal islands, eventually making our way down to the tip of the Lofoten Archipelago.  When we return to the mainland in Bodo, we have four days to do a couple of out-and-back trips that Rich researched and reserved lodgings well in advance.

As usual, Rich and I will both be blogging along the way.  I will keep this page updated with each new post.  We hope you follow our travels!

Pre-Trip Planning and Travels:
Trip Announcement – A Dramatic Departure
A recovery day – Red Throats in Tromso

Progress reports from our trip:

Arctic Coast
A fabulous start – Arctic Perfection
Taking some time out – Reflections atop a fjord
Navigating Norway’s tunnels – Tunnel Etiquette
Favorite Lodgings – Nordic Hospitality
To each his own – Divide and Conquer
Navigating through eyesight troubles – Blindsided

Lofoten Islands
Cycling Norway’s finest – Legendary Lofoten
Rain and choppy seas – Rough Riding to Reine
A Norwegian rest day – Off the Bike
Brilliant views on our last morning – A Sunny Sendoff

On our own
Two bikes for an Audi – Making a Trade
Setting sail on Hurtigruten – The Final Phase
Hiking a tundra mountainside – Arctic Adventures
Our final days in Norway – Geography Lessons
A look back on our time in Norway – Farvel Norge
Tidbits that I found along the way – Scenes of Norway

Here are additional posts about our trip:
Molly’s blog posts – All blog posts related to the Arctic Island Cycling Tour, including those leading up to the trip and after thoughts.

Rich’s view of the trip – He posts to the Crazy Guy on a Bike website, which is a widely used portal for long distance cycling trips. Scroll down to the bottom of this tour page to Table of Contents to find the individual posts.