Protecting Lake Superior

Living near the big lake, one can’t help but be interested in protecting this unique body of water.  Fortunately, there just happens to be an organization devoted to that specific purpose.

We stumbled on the Lake Superior Binational Forum while planning our cycling tour.  To be honest, it was their logo that attracted our attention as we thought it would look cool on our cycling jerseys.  But looking more closely at their website, we discovered a lot of great material on protecting Lake Superior.

The Forum was started in 1991 and consists of volunteer representatives from Canada and the US states that border Lake Superior. Their purpose is to provide input to agencies and governments on managing the lake, and educate local residents about ways to protect and restore the lake’s natural resources.  Their vision statement is “Water is Life…and the quality of water determines the quality of life.”  That resonated with us.

It’s easy to get involved by being a Lake Superior Steward.  All they ask is that you make simple wise choices in areas of conservation, recycling, and use of natural resources – which you may already be doing.  In return, you will be connected with people who care about the lake, and have the opportunity to receive an informational e-newsletter or provide input on programs to protect the lake and its environment.  Another option is to attend or participate in the many programs which are part of Lake Superior Day, July 15, 2012.

By the way, they readily agreed to let us use their logo. It is already emblazoned on our jerseys along with their web address, and we are hoping it generates interest on our cycling tour.  And we’ve already signed up to be Lake Superior Stewards.

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