In search of the photo

IMG_1202A while back, my son gently suggested that I change the header picture for my blog.  Apparently, he felt that the outdated scene didn’t really speak to readers as well as a more current seasonal photo would.  I could see his logic, so I’ve since made it a point to update the header with the seasons.  And just to be consistent, I’ve tried to periodically refresh my profile picture as well.IMG_1220

Spring was slow in coming this year, and so was my photo update.  The trees hadn’t leafed out yet, and the scenery around the lake continued to be bleak for so long that I finally dug into some old photos so I could at least retire the one with snow capped rocks.  But that selection didn’t really do much for me, and my to-do list IMG_1214 rotatedincluded finding a replacement.

On a bike ride along the shore this week, I decided to take a detour around Stony Point in search of that photo.  After the interminable wind and heavy clouds of late, it was a pleasure to find calm waters and some sunshine among wispy clouds.  The air still held a chill, but it was IMG_1219peaceful to hear the soft lapping of the water against the rocks and feel some warmth from the sun.  I stopped in several spots for photographs, and ended up with several shots in contention for the header position.  Overachieving is good.  I may need to use some of these runner-up photos in the future.

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