Good Morning, Sunshine!

Sometimes a change in routine is good.  I love getting out early for a run or cycling, but today’s weather forecast promised a beautiful afternoon for one of our favorite fall bike rides.  So I held off on my morning workout.

Instead, I headed down to Lake Superior to capture the sunrise.  I was approaching Brighton Beach, our usual spot for viewing the morning sun, when the vivid sky behind the lamp posts of the Lester River bridge caught my eye.  I decided to stop there instead, and found some great new vantage points for my photography.  In fact others were already there with their tripods, and I admit to borrowing their technique, shooting over the still water at the mouth of the river to gain a reflection.IMG_2752 IMG_2770 IMG_2781The colorful fall leaves were also mirrored in the same waters, so I turned my camera on them, catching the sun’s rays form a different perspective.



I have to say, it was a very satisfying start to the day.  It required more patience, observation and stillness than the energy and drive I am used to expending.  But it had its own reward in the sense of well being I felt in the stillness of the morning and the warmth of the sun’s rays.  The resulting photographs and lessons learned in the process were gravy on top of that.  I’m so very glad I decided to get up and greet the sun.

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