Winter by degrees

It’s inevitable.  Winter is coming.  There are some who would rush the season (I live with one) and wish for piles of snow for skiing right away.  But I can wait.  I prefer to linger in the seasonal changes from fall to winter, seeing the surroundings change with the weather.

The sudden dip in temperatures thisIMG_2897 last week has already transformed Amity Creek.  I expected isolated icy spots, so I was amazed when I found that the river is largely iced over in places. Not only that, but the ice is already crusted with thick snowy-white frost.  The vivid white stands out in sharp contrast to the drab weathered leaves and barren trees surrounding it, creating a stark visual path where the creek snakes through the woods.  It’s more visible than at any other time of the year.

The sound of rushing water persist, even under the ice and in the openings.  Following the creek down closer to Lake Superior, I find more open water where the sun has penetrated the ravine.  There I find what I’m really looking for – delicate ice lace.  The artwork created by the water, the sun and the freezing temperatures is exquisite – far better than my camera can capture.  But I delight in the patterns and shapes I find.IMG_2901IMG_2907

IMG_2910Full fledged winter will come soon enough.  And it will bring its own visual delights.  For now, I’m content to watch the transformation by degrees.

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