Ice Mushrooms

I have to say that having open water Photo Feb 09, 4 10 38 PMon Lake Superior makes a huge difference.  Looking out at an expanse of flat white ice is not all that appealing or inspiring. So I am especially grateful for the recent strong winds that left us with deep blue water in its place.

IMG_3513 trimmedAlong the shoreline at Brighton Beach, it also brought us ice mushrooms.  At least that’s what they look like to me.  Rocks close to shore topped with rounded ice caps, their stony bases barely exposed above the waterline.IMG_3512 trimmed

But the best part is the lacy edging.  The lapping of the water which ate away at the icy mounds also left behind delicate traces.  Constant dripping created icicle fringe around each one.  But Mother Nature didn’t stop there.  Each individual ice shard resembles a miniature arrow, adding complexity to the design as it points down to the blue water below.  Wonderful artwork.

It’s inevitable.  I know the lake ice will sweep back in.  And maybe it will bring some art wonders of its own.  That’s the best part – each visit to the shore brings something new to discover.

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