Footprints in the Sand

The poem “Footprints in the Sand” is one that made an immediate impression on me the first time I read it.  Its simple yet powerful message is so well expressed that it sticks with me even if I cannot recall the exact phrases.  Perhaps it is the clear visual imagery that makes it so effective.  It is a beautiful reminder of God’s love for us and His constant support throughout our lives.

As I worked on creating this blog and pondered countless titles, once I settled on Footprints I knew I wanted to include this poem.  In the process, I learned the fascinating history of its author, Mary Stevenson, and her journey to gain credit as its original creator.  Mary wrote the poem in her early teens and distributed hand written copies to others to give them comfort.  Over the years it gained popularity and was widely available in print and several others attempted to claim authorship.  Only after rediscovering an early hand written copy was Mary granted a copyright – 48 years after the poem was written.  Her story and other related information can be found on the website managed by her estate.

I hope you treasure this poem as much as I do.

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