My Stories in Lake Superior Magazine

Starting this blog was part of a dream. And a plan. I’ve M biz card logoalways enjoyed writing, and decided to pursue that passion in my retirement. This blog has been a great way to hone my style and practice, practice, practice. Plus I love writing about my experiences. But I wanted to take it one step further, and try writing for a magazine. My all-time favorite publication is Lake Superior Magazine, for its focus on the “Big Lake” and the people, nature and events that surround it. I have spent a lot of quality dock time at the cabin sitting in the sun, soaking up its stories and dreaming.

So it was a great pleasure to have my first story published there. And sweeter yet to be asked to become a regular contributor. Below are the stories I have written to date, and the issue in which they appear. Those with links have been posted on the Lake Superior Magazine website and can be read there.

Loving the Loppet – December/January 2013
A journal account of taking a train to a remote spot and skiing the Wabos Loppet through the wilderness of Ontario.

Buffing up your Resolve – February/March 2013
If your will to keep that New Year’s fitness resolution is flagging, don’t despair. Many regional support options help you meet your goals.

The Cost per Frontage Foot – April/May 2013
A review of waterfront prices around all four shores of the Big Lake.

Net House to Playhouse – June/July 2013
Finding a new life for an aging structure.

Minding the Beaches – August/September 2013
Most every shore of the Big Lake does beach monitoring to test the water, but what do the advisories really mean for swimmers?

Lessons in Prevention – October/November 2013
Local hospitals invest in education on how to avoid needing their services.

Building Hoeg H’Arbor – February/March 2014
Seeking a shoreside haven, this couple discovered the right property for their true dream home was actually nestled in the woods.
(Note – this is actually the story of building our house!)

Tying the Knot on a Shoestring – February/March 2014
Finding Options to Limit Costs & Still Be Creative.

New Beginnings in the Old Neighborhood – April/May 2014
A Duluth native returns to Park Point to create his dream home.

Healing Waters – April/May 2014
There is a flood of ways that water – and Big Lake living – keeps us well.

Get Down, Duluth – June/July 2014  (cover story)LSM Cover June July 2014
Boutique stores, microbreweries, restaurants, movies, live entertainment and quality residences: Meet the new downtown Duluth.

Outside In – August/September 2014
A couple finds décor inspiration in the woods beside their Lutsen home.

They Like to Move It, Move It – October/November 2014
Want to show off your knowledge about the latest maritime activity and season around our Big Lake? This story will put you in the know.

Restaurants: Book Fare – December/January 2015
A trend, especially on the Minnesota shores, is for restaurants to create cookbooks that give recipes and serve up their neighborhoods.

Returning to the Scene of the Chimes – February/March 2015
Some couples pick their wedding venue so they can visit every year, to get romantic boosts, recreational escapes or new family traditions.

Dawn of a New Superior – June/July 2015  (cover story)LSM Cover June July 2015
This Wisconsin sister of the Twin Ports has a new vitality with new industry, new stores and new restaurants on the rise.

Meeting the Lake Superior Challenge – August/September 2015
The Big Lake awes many people with its power and beauty, but it inspires a chosen few to use its waters to truly test their limits.

Steeped in Stories – December/January 2016
An author’s storybook Christmas décor reflects her Norwegian heritage.

A Cabin Story – February/March 2016
How an heirloom property has grown with its expanding family.

One River, Two Islands – April/May 2016 & Recreation OneRiver Logo smallGuide
St. Louis River is becoming a recreational gem, but its history also flows deep. Meet two islands with different stories on the same river.
Part of the “One River, Many Stories” journalism project

Lodge Logic – August/September 2016
A former lodge property becomes the perfect retirement home and family getaway for this Lake-loving couple in Minnesota.

Farewell Pine – October/November 2016
A journal story recounting personal experiences of Duluth’s huge wind storm, and the neighbors who are memorializing the towering pine that was toppled.

The Pros Reveal What Makes It Memorable – February/March 2017
A photographer, wedding planner, caterer and musician name one of their favorite Big Lake nuptials and why they stay in their memories.

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