Cycling Novice

I’m a runner.  I thrive on long runs, training for marathons and getting out early in the morning before the rest of the world wakes up.  Why cycling?

My husband, Rich, took up cycling several years ago and is now hooked.  He thinks nothing of coming home from work late-afternoon and cycling 27 miles before dinner.  That’s a medium distance bike ride for him.  He’s done several multiple-day bike trips, including a Father/Son 350 mile trip through Northern Minnesota.  And now he wants me to go on a bike trip with him…

Change is good, right?  What will it hurt to miss a marathon this summer and gear up for cycling instead?  I’ve agreed to the challenge, and even started my training rides, thanks to our early spring.  Admittedly, my initial excursions into the countryside have been a lot of fun!  Besides, I have a shiny new high performance bicycle, so I can’t back out now.

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