Recycling Sports Apparel

I have taken up a new activity – cycling.  That opens up a whole new world of “needs” for workout gear that I’ve never had before, right?  Or does it?  In my efforts to resist the marketing efforts of sportswear gurus and the peer pressure to wear the “right stuff” when I head out on my bike, I have been doing my best to recycle my existing sports clothes.  And I’d say I’m doing quite well!

  • My cross-country ski jackets work beautifully.  No pockets in the back, but they are long in the back, taper higher in front, and are reasonably streamlined.  I have two different weights for varying temperatures and wind.
  • I have a pair of cross-country ski gloves that see little action on the trails because they are just too light.  But they are great for cold weather cycling.
  • Thin wool hiking socks – doubled up they help keep my feet warm on cold rides.
  • Long sleeve running and skiing shirts – they are swell for those cooler days, under my  jacket.  So are the various layers of long underwear I own.
  • Arm warmers, nifty new accessory for last year’s marathons – perfect when paired with a short sleeved top for the early parts of the ride before warming up.
  • Ski club hat – it’s thin enough to fit under my helmet, even with the little tassel on top, and sure keeps my ears warm.
  • Running tights and capris – just what I need for my legs…

Well, okay, there is one piece of cycling apparel that I learned I do need – cycling shorts.  It only took a few longer rides to discover the discomforts of the saddle, and off I went to Erik’s Bike Shop to get properly outfitted with padded shorts.  Sometimes there is no substitute for the real thing.

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