Feeling the Love

All birthdays are not equal.  This just happened to be an exceptional one!

I started the day with my youngest son, having bagels at Brueggers.  I’ve been going there with my kids since before they were in school, and love spending that early morning time together.  This time we went before he headed off to work.  How times have changed – it used to be me going to work.

The remainder of the morning was spent at Elm Creek skiing.  I had a great time skating around the track, not even minding the repetition of the small man-made loop of snow.  The sun even came out and warmed the air out of the frigid temperatures we’ve been experiencing.  That was pure me-time, doing what I love to do – working out and being outside.

I made it home just in time to change into some nice clothes and meet a dear friend for lunch at a lovely restaurant.  We had delicious light salads and warming cups of tea while we visited.  As usual, we talked and talked and talked.  There is nothing better, and it was a special treat in the middle of my special day.

That was followed by a haircut.  While it sounds mundane, I find it to be a pampering experience.  Having someone wash my hair, massage my head and trim my hair back into submission is something I always enjoy.IMG_0446

IMG_0449The finale was dinner with the family.  Per our tradition, I got to pick the menu, so it was my kind of meal – pesto linguini with scallops.  And my favorite birthday dessert, brownies with peppermint bonbon ice cream.  What’s not to like about that?  While not quite everyone could be there, we had a quorum and it was a fun and lively evening.  How could it be anything else when entertained by a 10 month old chasing a 15 year old dog and a 2 1/2 year old cuddling on my lap and helping me blow out the candles?

On the virtual side, I enjoyed emails, texts, Facebook posts and phone calls throughout the day from family and friends flung far and wide.  Yes, technology is a good thing.

I’m feeling very fortunate.  And loved.

1 thought on “Feeling the Love

  1. Happy Birthday–sounded like a really full day.

    BSM has their conference meet at Elm Creek on Friday–come out to ski and watch.

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