Hungry Deer

I’m not the only one wishing spring would arrive.  I’m sure the deer share my sentiments.

We didn’t see much of them in the thick of the snow season.  The deep snow in our yard deterred them from following their usual paths past our house.  But now that the snow is compacting with the warmer temperatures, they have begun frequenting this territory again.

Last summer a doe and her two fawns were regular visitors in our yard.  It was a delight to watch the youngsters with their white spots, and see them grow throughout the year.  The highlight came when we saw the mother deer nursing the two fawns, just down the hill a few feet away from where we were sitting on the deck.  It was Mother Nature at its best.

IMG_0609 trimmed 2Today they returned.  Or we’re pretty sure it’s them.  And they are hungry.  We’ve noticed that the woody plants sticking up through the snow in our garden have been decapitated.  And today they came to investigate the bird feeders.

Early on, we learned that deer could empty a bird feeder overnight.  WeIMG_0617 trimmed went through several varieties and models – and a lot of birdseed – in the process of trying to outsmart them.  My husband, Rich, takes this task very seriously.  Having developed a fairly deer-proof system, he is now tackling the squirrel challenge.  But that’s another story.IMG_0618 trimmed

This afternoon, while Mom was on the lookout (staring right at me, through the window), the fawns tried their best with the bird feeders.  I don’t think they gained more than a few sunflower seeds, but it was entertaining to watch.

I’m sure the deer are just waiting for the tasty treats to emerge from the ground in our garden.  Normally, I’d be upset just thinking about the damage they can wreak.  But right now I’m right there with them, willing the snow to disappear.

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