Upper Mississippi River Cycing Tour – one month countdown

It didn’t seem like a stretch at all.  Planning a cycling tour for mid-May left plenty of time for training beforehand.  Or so we thought.  After all, by this time last year I had already logged over 500 miles on my bike, and I was a novice to boot.  But we didn’t figure in the fickle behavior of Mother Nature.  Last year was an incredibly early spring.  This year is the winter that won’t quit.  Indeed, as I write, snow is steadily falling outside and is likely to accumulate enough to make this the snowiest April in Duluth.  Ever.

It’s not like we can delay the trip.  The timing of this Tour was very deliberate.  It was intended to commemorate our 30th wedding anniversary.   Most people might plan a romantic getaway for the occasion.  But we’ve never exactly been mainstream…  we’ll be spending the night of our anniversary in a tent!  We will have other nights to spend in comparative splendor, as we sprinkled in a few modest motels along the route.  And we have a proper celebration awaiting us at the finish.  Our tour ends at the home of our daughter and son-in-law, who will be hosting a family BBQ in honor of our anniversary upon our arrival.

There is little chance that the purpose of our trip will escape any casual observers who happen to see us cycling by.  Rich takes great pride in designing eye-catching custom jerseys for our trips.  The shirts speak for themselves.

So exactly one month from today we will push off and start cycling.  We may be training en route, if this winter keeps up. But I’m not worried.  With a winter of steady cross-country skiing to keep us fit and our previous Trans-Superior Cycling Tour under our belts for experience, I’m confident that we will manage just fine.  After all, we’ve weathered 30 years together.  What’s another week on bicycles?

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