Embracing Life

I shouldn’t still be writing posts about skiing.  We have a cycling trip coming up in just over two weeks, and by now I’d planned to blog about our route, our plans and preparations.  But the snow just doesn’t stop coming.  And my husband, Rich, is all about embracing it.  He figures we will probably never see another winter as long as this in our lifetime.  (And part of me sincerely hopes so!)

So today when I saw a video on Facebook of the Piston Bully grooming the Birkie trails, we both had the same reaction – Let’s go!  With Rich in his first week of retirement, that’s all it took.  What luxury to be able to be so spontaneous.  So off we went.

With the latest snowstorm missing Duluth, it seemed silly to be loading up skis and gear surrounded by brown ground.  But as we neared Hayward, snow was in abundance.  The trees were draped in it, and a good 14″ lay on the ground.  And sure enough, at the Birkie trailhead at 00, we found 5k of groomed trails.

What more can I say?  I think photos tell the rest of the story better than words can.


Molly at the Birkie trailhead at 00


Molly and Rich on the Birkie trail – May 2


Schussing uphill… Skis a bit sticky, Rich?


It’s never too late to work on technique!

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