Embracing the Wind

IMG_0851We didn’t need the weather forecast to tell us it was an ugly day.  We could tell just by listening to the wind howl and seeing the drab wet skies.  Just to emphasize the point, we discovered that a huge pine tree had fallen behind our house during the night.  It was so tall, it nearly reached the neighbor’s house from the lot line where it once stood.  So sad – it takes years and years to grow them that tall.

So what does one do in such nasty weather?  Why go out and watch it, of course.  We jumped into the car with our cameras and headed up the North Shore to get a look at Mother Nature in all her fury.  With 30+ mph winds blasting out of the NE, there had to be some enormous waves.  Duluth was socked in by ice, brought in by that very same wind, so our plan was to outdrive it and find open water.

IMG_3971 adjustedStony Point was our first stop, and it didn’t disappoint.  Watching the waves from the car was impressive, with high flying spray that soaked the rocks right up to the road.  We were content to take it all in from the protection of our vehicle, then decided we had to get out.  Just opening the car door I could feel the strength of the wind.  Standing up in it and trying to steady a camera was another matter.  What power.  It’s no wonder my photos didn’t do justice to the wind and the waves.

IMG_3982Our next destination was Split Rock Lighthouse.  We expected to see spectacular waves pounding the base of the lighthouse.  But we didn’t take into account that the best view was from the leeward side of the beacon.  Naturally the waves would be crashing on the other side.  But rounding the corner from our vantage point, we found a bay with a lot of IMG_3983action.  It also had the advantage of being sheltered from the wind.  We could watch the crashing waves and snap photos in the relative comfort of the protected bay.

It was cold and wet, but the car was warm.  And there was that comforting latte from the Mocha Moose on the way home.  Yes, I’m glad we embraced the wind and the opportunity for a morning’s adventure.

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