Newborn Showstopper

New life.  It’s all consuming and the rest of the world seems to fade away.  From the moment we got the phone call that our newest grandchild was on her way into the world, it was hard to concentrate on anything else.

Grammy and IsabelNever mind that it wasn’t me having the baby this time.  It didn’t matter that my only responsibilities were to cuddle and admire.  Once in that hospital room nothing else mattered. I couldn’t tell you what day it was, how much time had passed or what I had originally planned to do that day.  Everything outside that space was immaterial.

Even with two grandchildren already, I had forgotten how engaging those little people are.  Isabel managed to captivate me with the way she scrunched up her little face and the barely audible squeaky noises she made.

It was difficult, but I did share this little bundle.  And it’s pretty obvious that she kept us all quite entertained.  I will shamelessly include some of my favorite photos.

Photo Jul 09, 9 42 38 PMWelcome to the family, Isabel.  You’re quite a showstopper.

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