Exercise Anyone?

It’s not easy being an exercise-aholic.  While most people struggle to find time to work out, can’t get themselves out the door, or have a million excuses to avoid exercise, I thrive on it. My day isn’t complete without a run, going cycling, swimming or XC skiing – even better if I can fit in more than one activity.

My friends roll their eyes when they hear of my obsession.  Some decline my invitations to accompany me, fearing I will push them too hard.  My husband chides me for rarely taking a day off.  Honestly, I’m not a super athlete.  I just have a lot of stamina, and love going the distance.

Fortunately, I have a few friends who “get it.”  They are the ones who willingly submit to my over eager ideas.  They understand when I suggest we go “just a little further.”  They know why I do this day after day – because they do too.

Today I spent the day with one of those friends.  My friend, Myra, and I went on our fourth annual Century Ride – a 100 mile bike ride.  Leading up to the day, I couldn’t help but look forward to it.  I loved the very idea of spending all day on our bikes, exercising non-stop.  Mentioning this to Myra, her eyes lit up and she responded, “Me too!”  Yes, she gets it.

The day followed our usual pattern.  Eight hours of actual cycling time, elapsed time around 10 hours.  The time not cycling was spent eating.  After all, what’s the point of all that exercise if we can’t blow a few calories?  The stop at Dairy Queen was particularly satisfying.

Molly and Myra Century RideThis year’s route included an out-and-back portion on the Munger Trail.  Approaching our turnaround spot, we slowed to reverse our direction.  It was at that point that Myra noticed the road sign – we were at Bonk Road. We couldn’t help but enjoy the irony of the location, even though we were still going strong.

Perhaps it wasn’t an accident that we overestimated our mileage and came in at 105 miles.  We’re both rather over achievers.  And we’re already looking forward to next year’s century.  Exercise anyone?

2 thoughts on “Exercise Anyone?

  1. You are definitely an over-achiever! I used to be, am with everything other than exercise. Have had health issues over the last several years that have not been good to me. Expect two surgeries this next winter (knee and wrist). But I do get it and even envy you. Best!

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