At Sea

We are at sea. And I am adrift. Held captive on the ship as we sail to our next destination, I face an empty day. From sun up to sundown I’ve nothing planned. With no internet to devour my time, this is true downtime.

Splendor of the SeasThe Royal Caribbean Splendour of the Seas carries us from Croatia to Turkey. Sailing around Greece, its islands within sight, the sea has calmed and gentle rocking replaces the heavier tilting we experienced earlier. Although I’m pleased to have managed the waves so far, I am relieved.
Latte and loungingMy morning routine guides my initial movements. A short visit to the fitness center to cycle a few miles is a salve to my conscience. Breakfast awaits, and I make my healthy selections from among the plethora of international offerings. But having found European coffee undrinkable, true pleasure follows a visit to the “Cafe Latte-tudes” for a real latte. My next move is easy. Securing a few pieces of delicious sweet bread with dried fruit, I head to the open deck to savor my treats as the sea floats by.

After clouds and cooler temperatures, the day surprises us with sunshine and heat. It is a cruiser’s delight, drawing people out to the deck chairs by the droves. The swimming pools that previously resembled wave pools as they sloshed back and forth with the rocking ship, now fill with guests who create their own tubulence. I seek out my coolest clothing, which barely made it into my suitcase for this fall trip. The warmer it gets, the easier it is to slip into the cruising mindset.

Cruise ship shots
Rich at the back of the shipRich as usual avoids the heat and sun. His nonconformist approach lands him a spot in a quiet, unpopulated area at the rear of the ship. I soon join him.

There are plenty of activities on board ship, but most do not appeal. I’ve no great urge to lean napkin folding or casino gaming. However the beginning ballroom dance lesson calls to me. Perhaps it is the mystique of the championship dance team who entertained us in last night’s show. Rich is less enthusiastic. But he eventually agrees to join me and we are both pleasantly surprised how much fun it is. I’ve made note of the cha-cha lesson they will teach next.

It’s surprising how quickly time can pass when doing nothing. Before long I will have to rouse myself to dress for dinner, it being formal night. First I’ll lounge in the sun a little longer. Read more of my book. Doze. And watch the waves go by. While I’m at sea.

Molly at sea


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