The Walls of Dubrovnik

We had good advice. Walk the walls of the Old City, our son Carl advised us. He should know. He and his bride Chelsea just spent a week in Dubronik on their honeymoon.

Dubrovnik old city walls

We enter the Old City at the Pile Gate and immediately mount the steps to the top of the wall. We are not alone. Plenty of other tourists seek the same experience. Unlike Carl and Chelsea, we cannot wait for the cruise passengers to depart. That’s us. But it does not feel crowded.

Built between the 13th and 17th centuries, these walls surround the entire old city. At 3-19 feet thick and a distance well over a mile, it makes for an impressive sight. Stretching out toward the sea, we eagerly begin our sojourn.

For once, we feel no hurry. I welcome Rich’s passion for photography, as it affords me lengthy pauses to linger, take in the views, feel the sense of history and appreciate the beauty. I snap a few pictures and leave it to him to capture it more artistically.

On one side of us the Adriatic Sea. There the waves crash dramatically onto shore, far below Fort Lovrijenac opposite the city walls. We love water, so naturally we take our time along this portion of the walls.

Views of the Adriatic Sea

Inside the walls, a sea of red roofs. Old and restored buildings all topped by red pipe tile roofs, separated only by narrow lanes. Cats wander here and there, much to the amusement of visitors. I remind myself to look more closely. To take in the details that are lost in the large overview.

Views inside Dubrovnik's walls

We pass the old harbor and continue to the final stretch of the walls. Here we see life outside the old city, as it climbs the mountainside. Although reluctant to complete our circle tour, we have yet to wend our way through the streets below.

Dubrovnik old harbor

While the main arteries through the old city are lined with busy shops, we quickly find pleasure in the narrow side streets. There we discover steep stairs wedged tightly between buildings, adorned with greenery. These lead to a long passageway lined with tables. Ambling along, the tables assemble themselves into groups, each belonging to a different restaurant on this small pedestrian byway. It is lunch time and tantalizing smells emanate from each eatery. I steal glances at the appetizing dishes being served, vicariously enjoying their meals. I can just see Carl and Chelsea here in the evenings. Selecting a new venue each evening. Sampling the variety of Croatian offerings over time. Yes, this would be a wonderful place to honeymoon.

Thankful for the tip, we feel we have seen the best of Dubrovnik. It has been a delight to walk in Carl and Chelsea’s footsteps, on the walls of Dubrovnik.


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