Time for Mom

For every decision we make, there are consequences.  Some are great outcomes, some less optimal.  Moving back to Duluth has certainly weighed heavily on the side of positives.  Easy access to the outdoors and the active pursuits we so enjoy.  A simpler life in a smaller city with less traffic and smaller distances.  The beauty of the Northland.  And that big old lake out there.  It’s a wonderful place to live.

But I left behind my family.  Two of my three children still live in the Twin Cities, and it is now home to my three grandchildren.  Gone are the days when I could spontaneously request, “Can I have a Grammy day tomorrow?” and spend time with those precious little ones.  Shopping trips with my daughter and Brueggers bagel mornings with my son have to be sandwiched into our visits to the Cities.  Truth be told, they all love coming to Duluth, but it’s just not the same as living around the corner.

And so as Mother’s Day approached I found myself quietly wallowing in self-pity.  I would be here, and they would be there.  Phone calls would be exchanged.  I’d get caught up on the latest.  But I couldn’t give them a hug.

Even as I headed out for an early morning bike ride, the feeling still nagged.  Not even the cold crisp air, the long slant of the rising sun, and the stillness of Lake Superior could rid me of that longing.  I missed my kids.

Mothers-Day-Molly trimmedSo imagine my surprise, as I emerged from the shower, dressed for church and stepped into the great room – to be met by Karen and Erik!  There they were in the flesh, as if I had conjured them up out of sheer yearning.  They fulfilled my every desire and my heart overflowed.  Had Carl lived within reasonable distance, my trio would have been complete.  But two out of three was a perfect score at that moment in time.

The next four and a half hours were filled with the simple joys of life.  Lingering over coffee and sitting outside in the sun.  Walking down to Brighton Beach to throw rocks in the lake and feel the chill of the breeze off the water.  Talking, sharing, visiting.  Just being together. Photo May 08, 10 15 56 AMPhoto May 08, 1 10 08 PMThe gift of time.  It’s the prefect fit.  It takes up no space, doesn’t require dusting and yet remains forever as a memory.  It was just what I wanted, even without asking for it.  Thank you, kids. For making time for Mom.

2 thoughts on “Time for Mom

  1. Molly!

    Beautiful Mother’s Day blog! We can relate perfectly to your melancholy, and so enjoyed our breakfast with two of the three families that live in the Twins on Sunday morning. Good Earth was disappointing, but we just loved interacting with them all. Laura and Ed and their two kids didn’t make it -William and Gabriella had 8 AM sport games – darned Sunday morning sports! On to Iowa where three of the five of us visited good ol’ Mom. She was in terrific spirits and so got up and played hymns for us on her organ from memory as she can’t see the music any longer to read the notes – very touching moments for us.

    Thanks to you and Rich again for meeting us at Duluth Griill and great trip to Scotland tomorrow!

    Beryl and Bill

    • How nice that you could visit with both younger and older generations of mothers on their day! It was wonderful to see you, as always.

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