Touring Again

We’ve been all over the map – literally.  The idea is to get out of town during “muck season” and do some traveling.  Each time we bring up Google maps, we come up with a new destination.  But we finally landed on the SouthWest – Santa Fe and the south rim of the Grand Canyon it will be.

It feels good to to dig out my cycling gear.  Although Rich has been out on his bike several times in the last month, I have yet to put foot to pedal.  But my bike has been in for a much needed tune-up, and many dollars later I am assured that it is back in top notch condition.  Just wheeling it around I get excited about riding it again.

Between the mountains and the desert, there will be a wide range of temperatures.  To a Northlander, it all looks balmy.  But my practical side dictates that I still bring my warmest cycling jacket, my Gore Tex booties and heavy gloves.  It always feels colder whizzing along on a bike.  No sense in getting chilled.

My extensive packing list details exactly what I need for a bike tour, and I know where everything fits into my panniers.  The only problem is that this time I’m packing a suitcase.  We’re cycling, yes, but only day jaunts.  This is actually a road trip.  By car.

The expansiveness of the space available to me invites excess.  Surely I can fit another outfit in my suitcase.  There should be plenty of room to throw in an extra pair of shoes.  I see no reason why I can’t bring my laptop.  I can’t decide which jacket is better, so I’ll just bring both.  Rich won’t need much room, will he?

I’m a little nervous about the car ride.  The undeniably perfect part of bike touring is getting exercise while traveling.  Not so being a passenger.  Knitting doesn’t burn many calories.  And the scenery races by so quickly.  It’s going to require a mental adjustment.

Once bike touring was foreign to me.  Now I can’t imagine travel any other way.  We’re off touring again but our bikes are only an accessory on the back of the car.  What a novel thought.


2 thoughts on “Touring Again

  1. Enjoy Molly. Our daughter Kathryn just returned from a week long pilgrimage that involved hiking through the area around Santa Fe. She apparently loved it as she texted that we should move out there

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