The Final Phase

Goodbye bikes. So long Audi. Farewell land touring. We about to set sail!

Three years ago we spent five days on a Hurtigruten ferry. That time we only went as far north as Tromsø. This time we intend to complete the journey up to Kirkenes.

The advantage of Hurtigruten is that it’s primary purpose is to serve the communities along the coast, delivering mail and foot passengers along the way. So the ships never stray far from land, delivering up close views of the dramatic shoreline. Once a day it stops for a few hours in a town of interest, where cars can get on and off and cruise passengers like us can have a look around.

As a frame of reference, we started this trip in Tromsø. The green dots are the places we stayed while bike touring. Today we depart from Bodø, stopping at all the red dots to the end of the line at Kirkenes.

We are curious to see what it’s like at the Nordkapp (North Cape), the northernmost point in Europe. View the landscape above the tree line. Imagine life in these extremes.

Bring on the finale.

Photo courtesy of Hurtigruten

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