Turning the Corner

“I’m not ready to declare victory, but I’m winning some battles.”

As rapidly as Rich declined into sightlessness, his ascent back into the world is a meteoric rise.  Thanks to modern medicine, each day brings progress.  Every venture outside breeds success.  The botox treatment that generally requires a week to take effect has been delivering mounting victories each successive day.

That magic formula is restoring a lot more than sight.

I feel like I am coming up from underground.  The past few months have been consumed by this drama, bringing isolation as well as despair.  Dealing with the realities of Rich’s condition was all consuming.  A single focus, particularly for him, but dribbling over into my existence.  Life on hold.

This week is like re-emerging in the spring and rediscovering the outside world.  As Rich begins to push his boundaries again, so do I.  He is able to go for walks in the woods.  I can return to my writing, believing he will be safe.  He takes the car keys and ventures over to Superior to spot two snowy owls with his own eyes.  I treat myself to a movie with a friend. He meets a fellow birder for a morning in the Bog.  I hunker down in the coffee shop with my laptop.  Every small step feels like liberty.

How well I remember my days in the hospital, after delivering each of our three babies.  The insulating environment of that sterile room, devoid of external influence, the absence of outside news.  All that mattered was the precious new life that lay in my arms.  The miracle that depended on me.  That slept, fed, cried and squirmed as I looked on.  The world beyond my room did not exist.

At times this fall, our house felt the same way.  Our lives – and our fears – were confined within its boundaries.

Hoeg HArbor winter

But we were never really alone.  The outpouring of support, the check-ins to see how we were doing, the offers for rides, and most of all the prayers for answers carried us through.  I am humbled by the show of love and comfort we have received.  The blessings of true friendship.  I thank each and every one of you for being there for us.

Rich may be cautious in his optimism, but the mood in that house has lifted.  In contrast to a few days ago, his spirit is soaring.  And I’m riding that high.  I just know we are turning the corner.

5 thoughts on “Turning the Corner

  1. I’m so happy for both of you. The uncertainty of your future has been daunting to say the least. You described it beautifully per usual. I love reading your words as they are so truthful, descriptive and touching💕🙏🏻. Love you dear friend!

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  2. Love that you are feeling a bit of relief and optimism! In talking with Rich yesterday at Wilberts for lunch. He was very blunt about how depressed he really was
    I am so sorry you both had to go through that. O had to accept some bad news a year ago too. Something I did not want to air to myself much less the rest of the world! Rich’s optimism is realistically behind yours because he’s been there. He was so positive “it was nothing” when he fell on his bike the first time. Still in denial when he fell the second time. It wasn’t until you guys got home and the doctor’s really could not explain what was going on that I believe it really sunk in….and got worse. I’ve been there. I get it. I am so hopeful that this is the end of the unknown. I hope that this “cute” works longer than even the doctor’s think it will. That maybe Rich’s sight might only be effected once every two months and for just a very short period of time. Anyone can plan around that right. Anyone can take trips, pics, and write stories around that kind of a schedule right? If it were just that easy. I hope and pray that it is. Glad they continue to test for other things that they feel could be contributing to his condition. Hope that you can both return to your normal schedules. Or should I say your “new normal schedules”. Know that our thoughts, prayers and continued hopeful support is right here by your side. We will also celebrate every victory with you. Again, good or bad we’ll remain vigilant. Keep letting us know how you are doing. Love to you, Richard and the whole family!

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