One-on-One Time

IMG_9523 trimmedThere was nothing special about the Christmas gift.  Sitting under the tree wrapped in holiday paper, it bore no clue to its contents.  Even when opened, the true nature of the gift was not immediately apparent – what would I want with a model airplane?  It was only when I read the enclosed note that its true nature was revealed – I was going to Washington DC!

This was my Christmas and birthday gift from our middle child, Carl.  I was to spend a weekend with him in DC where he now lives and works, all planned, arranged and paid by Carl.  Suddenly, that little airplane meant a whole lot to me – I could not imagine a more thoughtful and personal gift.

Fast forward three months.  Tickets have been purchased, instructions issued for taking the train into DC, and weather forecasts consulted.  We chose early April hoping that spring would have arrived, and on the outside chance that we would catch the cherry blossoms at their peak.  In contrast to Minnesota’s prolonged winter, the 60-degree temperatures in DC look springy to me, and the current Official National Park Service Prediction for peak cherry blossoms is April 3-6.  Since I’m due to be there April 5-7, I’d say we nailed it!

But beyond the sights, the museums, the monuments and the cherry blossoms is the opportunity to spend a weekend with my son.  What a blessing, to have adult children that I enjoy spending time with, and visa versa.  That one-on-one time is priceless.

See you tomorrow, Carl!

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