Hugging the Coast of Maine

Our progress to date

Progress to date: 4 day, 220 miles

Over the last four days and 220 miles of cycling, we have made it over half way up the state. And we've done our best to get as many ocean views as possible. In the beginning, we were able to cycle along beaches and see sweeping expanses of the Atlantic. But moving northward, the craggy shoreline has so many inlets and bays that there are few places where the road can actually parallel the coast. Even so, the ocean inevitably dominates our daily travels.

Beaches in the southern part of Maine

Each bay and river we cross brings us to another bridge. Just like road repair season in Minnesota, we have discovered a number of bridges closed for repairs. That can mean a detour, a shuttle for bikes, or just sneaking across. Other bridges border on the spectacular. But what looks good from a distance can be intimidating to cross on a bicycle – to me anyway. The others appear to have no such qualms.

Cyclists crossing a closed bridge

Cyclists crossing a closed bridge

Penobscot Narrows Bridge

Penobscot Narrows Bridge

The inlets invariably host harbor towns, which are a delight. We never tire of the marinas filled with boats of all shapes and sizes glistening in the sun. And when venturing out for dinner in the evenings, we search for outdoor patios with views of the harbor.

Harbor view at Damariscotta

Harbor view at Damariscotta

Sunset at Damariscotta

Harbor view at Damariscotta

The main tourist route north through Maine is Highway 1. We've tried hard to avoid it, with its heavy traffic and big trucks. Whenever possible, we venture off on smaller roads with less traffic. Our reward has been to cycle down quiet tree lined lanes, winding through rural areas with beautiful homes and quaint towns. Often we have been able to peer through the yards to catch a glimpse of the ocean beyond. But everything comes at a cost. Side roads tend to follow the contours of the land more than the big highways. Here in Maine that translates to frequent and steep hills. There is no doubt, we are getting quite a workout each day!

It's not all about the scenery, though. Between the miles of cycling we have found plenty of opportunity for fun along the way. All while hugging the coastline.


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