The View from the Seat of my Bicycle

At 12mph, there is plenty of time to take in one's surroundings. And traveling the lesser roads, we see far more interesting things than from a super highway. I thought it was time I shared a few of my recent favorites.

Church spires in the distance

Church spires in the distance mark the next village

Throughout our trip, we have seen many beautiful churches with a great variety of architectures. Each town has one dominating church, which reliably sits in the center of town. The one common feature of all these churches is the bell tower topped with a tall spire. Or perhaps several of them. For me, they serve as a beacon. Whenever we approach a town, all I have to do is scan the landscape, searching for the tall spire piercing the sky above the trees. Sometime I can see it from miles away, pinpointing the hub of the next village. Rather a nice way to navigate!

Speaking of architecture, I can't neglect front porches. Ever since leaving Gaspésie, we have traveled through innumerable little towns on the St. Lawrence River. The one distinguishing feature of the homes is the presence of a front porch. From the grandest old historic home to the littlest cottage, they all sport a porch trimmed with a wooden rail. Many are adorned with colorful flower baskets and gardens, and all look to be a most pleasant place to sit.

Homes with front porches

Examples of homes with front porches - including one of our host homes at top right

Often it's the little things that catch my eye. Wildflowers, lawn ornaments, whimsical mailboxes, old boats and the like are all eye candy for the slow traveler.

Colorful bicycles

Bicycles always attract my attention

Whimsical mailbox and lantern

Whimsical mailbox and lantern

Wildflowers enhance the scenery

Wildflowers enhance the scenery

An old boat becomes a bike prop

An old boat becomes a bike prop

Musical Friends

Musical Friends at the entrance to a singing camp

Not much goes unnoticed from the seat of a bicycle. It's a great view.


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