Vermont Village Life

The Connecticut River continues to be our friend, carving out a valley for us to cycle in between the mountain ridges. Since it forms the border between New Hampshire and Vermont, it was easy to flip over to the Vermont side for the day. We are now far enough south that we are back into civilization again, with pretty New England towns to peruse as we pass through. Many of them date back to the 1700s and are proud of their history.

We had only a short 28 mile distance to cover, so we didn't even start cycling until mid-morning. By then, the villages along the river had come to life. The beautiful Saturday morning brought everyone out, and each village center was teeming with activity. Folks were out gathering in small clumps to talk. Kids were playing soccer on the local field. Girls had a table set up outside the general store for a fundraiser. Yard sales were in full swing. It was a good day for doing just about anything. Even the dogs were out, waiting patiently while their master ran into the post office.

Patient dogs

Patient dogs awaiting their master

In Bradford the church ladies were all set up for a chicken feed. We were a bit early, but the women recognized a good customer when they saw one, and rushed to fill a generous plate for Rich. I didn't think I was hungry, but it tasted so good I didn't hesitate to help him consume the tasty meal.

Great grilled chicken and fixings!

Great grilled chicken and fixings!

Next to that the weekly Farmers' Market was set up. There were some mighty good looking jellies, veggies and crafts there. One couldn't help but feel the community spirit of the buyers and sellers out on the lawn under the fall leaves.

Bradford Farmers's Market

Bradford Farmers's Market

On the edge of the villages, spawning the rivers and streams lie pretty covered bridges. This seems an appropriate place to include some that we have seen over the past few days.

Covered bridges

Covered bridges in Groveton, Lunenburg and Woodsville NH

Indeed, it was a good day to be out and enjoying life. Village life. And cycling.


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