You know it’s raining when…

You know it’s raining when…

  • I ditch my glasses. Better to have slightly blurry vision than try to see through speckled, foggy glasses.
  • We can hear the ocean waves. We know they are there. We just can’t see them.
  • We skip Cape Lookout.
  • I change into dry socks at our breakfast stop. Oh, does that feel good.
  • I have to peel my cycling gloves off my hands. It feels better without them.
  • Rich has a dark stripe down his back – roadspray from his back tire. I’m not sure why I don’t.
  • We don’t stop to chat with other long distance cyclists that we pass. A simple wave and a knowing look says it all.
  • We hardly take any pictures. In fact, Rich has to use fake decoys for his “bird of the day.”
  • I start taking to myself. Out loud. “Okay. Enough already. You can stop now.”
  • I agree to skip the longer scenic route without an argument. Just getting there takes priority.
  • Rich says it’s not a good day for ice cream.

You know you are lucky when…

  • Rich has a blowout, and not a drop of rain falls while he replaces the innertube and tire. In fact, he sits on dry pavement.
  • We can both grin and bear it.
  • We reach the motel and the biggest downpour of the day comes while we are settling into our warm, dry room. Good thing we didn’t do that scenic detour after all.
  • The front desk clerk is a closet gourmet, and keeps refilling a plate with homemade cookies.
  • Rich praises my ziplock bag packing system.
  • Tomorrow’s forecast looks much better.





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