An Indulgent Day

Progress to date: 26 days, 1,112 miles

If ever there was a perfect day for cycling touring, today was it. Although we only covered a modest 41 miles, the remainder of our day was filled with lovely experiences.

We were up early and at the door of the local coffeehouse just as it was opening. I was able to have my morning latte and I'd made Rich promise not to rush me over my morning brew. It's just as well, as it was a chilly 46 when we left the motel, and the extra minutes I spent lingering gained us a few extra degrees.

It was another perfectly sunny day with little wind and fantastic cycling conditions. The countryside was at its best, with rolling hills and rich greenery flanking the road. As usual, we attracted the attention of every dog we passed, who came out to chase and bark at us. And we sent the cows in the fields running – a most curious site as they often ran with us, not away. It was the kind of day you couldn't help but feel all was right with the world.

Our initial destination was Eureka Springs, a delightful little historic town where soldiers from the Civil War once spent time recuperating from the stresses of battle. We'd been there once before, so it didn't take us long to reacquaint ourselves with the town full of shops and cafés. We discovered some artists doing restoration work on the town's mural, which we found fascinating to watch. Rarely do we have a real lunch during our cycling days, but it seemed the thing to do. So we splurged on a meal at the Local Flavor Café, eating out on the deck overlooking the town – a delightful interlude in our day.

Eureka Springs

We'd made reservations at a modest resort in Eagle Rock, just over the border in Missouri on Table Rock Lake for the night. So we moved on in order to have time to enjoy that location in the afternoon. We didn't get away without a good share of rolling countryside and some healthy uphill climbs, just to remind us we were still within range of the Ozarks. With a stop at a grocery store to purchase food and wine for dinner, we arrived at our next piece of nirvana mid-afternoon.

The Lazy Eagle Resort was the perfect finale to our day. We spent the mild afternoon out on our deck where we could see Table Rock Lake through the trees. We eventually meandered down to the lake and marina, where it felt good to sit in the sun and watch the few boats go by.

Table Rock Lake

Dinner was al fresco out on our deck, where we lingered easily over our meal, enjoyed a bottle of Chadonnay and ate too many Milano cookies. Yet another indulgence on this heavenly day.

Dinner at Lazy Eagle Resort



1 thought on “An Indulgent Day

  1. Good memories of Eureka Springs, where Beryl and I stayed on our “Great River” meandering road trip of several years ago and took a hike over a path otherwise know to be riddled with rattlers – had we known . . ?

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