This is more like it!

Today was the best skiing yet.  This is what I came for!  With 4″ new snow overnight, and the groomers out setting new track on all the trails, the conditions were glorious.  Add to that mostly sunny skies and temperatures that ultimately reached 41 degrees – it just doesn’t get any better than that.  Even the wind had lessened in the morning when I first went out.

My favorite trail of the morning was one we skied on our first day here.  But the new snow not only softened the formerly crusty trail but draped the trees in snow and muffled all sound.  It was a long but beautiful climb up the mountainside, and a wonderful ride all the way back down.  It was the kind of day that made me want to stay out all day.  But lunch was calling to me.  As I headed back to the Nordic Center, the winds had picked up significantly (of course!), and they blew me all the way down the valley.  I never knew I could ski so fast!

DSCN0126DSCN0131 straightenedFor my afternoon ski, I decided to try out a pair of Atomic Skintec waxless classic skis.  I’ve been lusting after them for two years, wanting a pair but unwilling to swallow the high price tag.  Since volunteers can rent equipment for free, it was the perfect opportunity to take them out for a test run to see if I really liked them.

DSCN0134By that time, the wind had done quite a number of the trails.  Where I had pristine grooming in the morning, the classic tracks were often filled with new snow or drifted over entirely.  But when I could hide from the wind, I found fast firm tracks.  It was a great opportunity to give the skis a full workout.  Where the warm afternoon sun beat down on the snow, it was beginning to soften but we did notice one big difference out here.  The air is so dry that even warm soft snow is not as sticky as back home, instead holding that powdery feel at a much higher temperature.

And the verdict on the skis?  I loved them!  I don’t know if that is good news or bad.  I’m now left still wishing for a pair of my own, looking for a good sale and justification for the purchase…

When I envisioned our stay at Snow Mountain Ranch, this is the kind of day I expected.  Plenty of fresh snow, beautiful trails and multiple excursions out skiing in a day.  Yes, this is more like it.

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